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Geek Legacy
Geek Legacy
Non-Stop to Comic-Con

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Pink Lemonade
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Non-Stop to Comic-Con

Non-Stop to Comic-Con
Unable to gain acceptance for their geeky ways back home, three friends embark on an epic journey
to the apex of geekiness: San Diego Comic-Con.

Please check out our Fundraising Store for this fantastically geeky comedy!
Act fast, production begins January 2nd, 2014!

Check out our sneak peek of the Visual Effects proof-of-concept reel!

Sweet Swag!
Check out the sweet swag in our incentive packages!

Geek Legacy

Geek Legacy
What once began as a documentary series produced by David Edmundson and Randy Van Dyke
has now become a thriving Geek News and Reviews website!


Random Reel News

December 2013: "Non-Stop to Comic-Con" Fundraising Store is now live!!
Check out our Fund Raising Store for Non-Stop to Comic-Con! There are a ton of great incentive packages! We're offering more swag than the exhibition floor of Comic-Con!

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