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Geek Legacy
Geek Legacy
Non-Stop to Comic-Con

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Non-Stop to Comic-Con

Non-Stop to Comic-Con
Unable to gain acceptance for their geeky ways back home, three friends embark on an epic journey
to the apex of geekiness: San Diego Comic-Con.

Check out our Official Trailer!

Official Selection of the 2015 GeekFest Film Fest!
Check out our world premiere screening at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con: May 14-17, 2015!

Official Selection of the 2015 GeekFest Film FestWatch our Screening at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con! May 14-17, 2015

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Geek Legacy

Geek Legacy
What once began as a documentary series produced by David Edmundson and Randy Van Dyke
has now become a thriving Geek News and Reviews website!


Random Reel News

April 2015: "Non-Stop to Comic-Con" is part of GeekFest Film Fest Year 2!!
We're proud to be an Official Selection of the GeekFest Film Fest! That means we're going to have screenings at many of your favorite Comic Cons and other geeky gatherings! Our first screening is at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con May 14-17, 2015. You'll also be able to see us at Long Beach Comic Con in September 2015, and New York Comic Con in October 2015!!!

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