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Geek Legacy
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Non-Stop to Comic-Con

Non-Stop to Comic-Con
Lewis is a self-admitted geek, and never quite felt like he fit in.  Outcast all his life, he and his small circle of friends would
prefer socializing online, playing video games, or going to midnight movie screenings than engage in socially deemed
"normal" activities.  This ragtag bunch of misfits has long dreamt of making the pilgrimage to the pinnacle of all things geek:
San Diego Comic-Con.  This year they're finally going to make it happen, but it's not going to be easy.  They are going
to face crazy exes, a trigger-happy pilot with PTSD, a cult of anti-geek religious activists, and a whole first class section
full of porn stars, all while on a malfunctioning plane that will crash if they don't overcome their differences and work
together to survive.

Currently touring the Film Festival circuit.
Click HERE for a list of upcoming screenings.
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Geek Legacy!


Geek Legacy at the 2013 GEEKIE Awards!


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